Valuation of Old Cars – There’s a frustrating moment after you’ve been in a car accident. You count your lucky stars that no one has been harmed, and you’re relieved that you have full insurance. But then, your neck hairs bristle when you come to the realisation that your car will never be the same.

Whether your car’s been in a crash, it’s been damaged, cooked motor, or damaged in theft and destroyed, a sinking feeling sets in. Absolutely, in many cases, the damage can be fixed. But at what cost to you? And even if insurance pays the bill, your car value after an accident is much less.

How much less? That depends on the type of repair and value, what the results are after the repairs. So how do you determine your broken car value?

How to Get the Cash Value of An Old Car

Think all the variables in your accident. The angle of collision, the number of cars affected, how fast you were driving, airbag deployment, past mileage and damage, and many other factors. With so many variables, it’s right to say that each collision car is going to be a little different, isn’t it?

Each broken car value is going to be different because of the accident factors. In that way, it’s nearly impossible to get an exact valuation on your car after an accident.

What’s The Difference Between Scrap & Old Cars?

If you want to get more accurate than a rough valuation, have your car value appraised. All over Melbourne, you’ll find professional car appraisers who impartially assign a value to your car. Be aware that car appraisers charge for their services and it can be a few hundred dollars, depending on the service near you. What’s particularly aggravating about this situation is that your wrecked car value might be almost as much as your appraisal cost! This begs the question of whether or not it’s worth fixing your car after an accident.

Find The Market Value of My Wrecked Car

You only have a few options for dealing with a wrecked car. You can:

  • Continue driving it as-is– That could be risky, though, and isn’t recommended unless a mechanic has investigated it and considers it safe. But who wants to drive a car that looks like it’s been through the shredder?
  • Fix it up rather than selling– Spend the money and restore your car to its early fame. But then what? You either have a car that’s worth less than you’ve paid to buy and repair, or you sell it for less than you paid to fix it. Not a good option.
  • Sell it as it is. Cut your losses– You’ll pay more to fix it than it’s worth, and it’s no good the way it is. Sell it, get what you can for it, and buy something new – or at least, not wrecked.

Can You Sell An Old or Broken Car?

A broken car isn’t worth too much, and there aren’t many options to sell it. Advertise your accident car in the classifieds so you can get tire kickers and low-ballers calling you day and night. That doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs. So, trade it in at the dealership for your next car. But trading in a car with body damage isn’t great either since a dealer can’t be bothered to put the time or money into it.

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