There comes a time in every car’s life span, where you have to start thinking about moving on. If your lease is paid and you own the title to your car, you may have asked yourself the question, “Is it time to junk my car?” But it’s always helpful to understand the process behind junking a car and what a junk car really is. The proper disposal of an old or wrecked auto makes a difference for the environment, and for sellers who think their car is useless.


Read on to solve the mystery of what “junk my car” really means.


What is a Junk Car?

Cars that are considered “junk” are cars that are classified as one (or more) of the following:

  • Fail a smog (emissions) test
  • Are older model
  • Are a less popular make/model
  • Have extensive damage
  • Have a salvage title


Why Should I Junk My Car?

Some people refer to junking a car as auto recycling. And we admit, this is a much nicer term, and it is absolutely true. “Junking” makes you envision your old car rotting away in a landfill somewhere, but in reality, the new system of recycling your junk car really does give your old car a new life. Recycling is done to avoid filling up landfills with old and rusty cars.


Auto recycling, or cash for cars, became a popular alternative once it became apparent that even if a car is old, or damaged, or junk, it still has usable parts that can be removed and resold.


Now, most car owners don’t have a direct connection to a parts recycler, so they are connected to a network of buyers via a cash for cars program or junk car buying program. These car buyers, like Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars, save sellers and recyclers time and effort by eliminating towing costs, offering direct payment and selling the vehicles on an online auction platform to recyclers around the globe.


This lets your unwanted or wrecked car live a second life, keeps old cars from having a severe environmental impact and helps make our planet just a little bit more green. All while giving you a little bit more green in your pocket.


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