The useful life of a truck varies widely depending on the truck and its use. Typically, trucks have about 10-12 years of value in them or more. If we take kilometer vise, a truck can easily travel up to 500,000 km or more.

What is the useful life of a truck

What is the useful life of a truck

This of course, depends on the maintenance done to the truck. And in between scheduled services, too much wear and tear can break down a truck before its time.

Now there are two important things: First all types of trucks depreciate at different rates depending on their utilization and age. Secondly in between services it’s very likely that something will go wrong which will prove costly with higher mileage over several years (if maintained well). And if something goes wrong in a truck, it can become very expensive to fix it because of the heavy-duty parts and the time required to do it. If a truck is unprofitable, chances are better that it will be disposed off before its useful life ends.

Secondly, even if a truck has over 500,000 km on it, there can be several reasons for selling them out:

The company does not work in that region anymore because of either growth or closure. The profitability from a specific territory could be less than another and hence the trucks from that area may need to be abandoned. A situation when older trucks are simply getting sold out faster than new ones are bought by the same company because newer models are more fuel efficient or have more payload capacity which makes them profitable at lower utilization and thus they get replaced first as models are cycled out.

The second reason is the most important one for a truck owner and operator. The total cost of ownership (T.C.O.) will go down with every kilometer driven because some maintenance problems or breakdowns can be avoided which in turn saves money, time or both! This means that you should always drive your trucks as much as possible to earn more profit before they wear out.

So if you’re buying a used truck, make sure it has not reached ‘end of life’ by being serviced regularly and maintaining good mileage between services. If it’s maintained well and driven moderately, it may give several more years of service life – but this depends on how hard the truck is worked because even then, not all trucks can survive 500,000 km driven.

But as a rule of thumb, we believe that it’s quite difficult to find any truck that is still in working condition after having done half a million kilometer driven at the end of its useful life and if you do, make sure you consider all costs involved in owning it before buying!

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