When you think of selling your smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, or any other technological device, you destroy personal data to maintain the safety of your messages, account details, contact numbers, and other information. Likewise, you need to wipe all personal information from the car before you sell it to one of the reliable used car dealerships in Melbourne.

You need to make sure that you don’t have any private information left. People make big mistakes when selling, donating, and trading in the car. Don’t be like them. Here, the blog-post highlights the techniques you can consider to safeguard your selling process. This would offer you great peace of mind. Take a look at some points that guarantee your privacy and safety.


What Kind Of Details You Have To Remove?

Irrespective of your terms with the buyer, you should prioritize safety and sell the car when you are double sure with your decision. Renowned Federal Trade Commission or FTC alerts consumers about the privacy of their data associated with their cars. When you don’t know much about deleting the data, it may seem like an overwhelming task. Data cleaning becomes even more important when the dealer says that he needs to recondition the car to display to the next owner. Look which kind of details or data you need to remove from your car:


Cancellation of Subscriptions or Services: If you have subscribed to some plans or offers which include music streaming services, Wi-Fi, emergency services, satellite radio, etc., cancel them when you have made a mind to sell your vehicle.

Logout All Mobile Applications: The details saved with the apps can give bluff-master a way to play with your privacy. Log out all the apps synchronized with your car. Make sure that these apps don’t connect automatically through previously saved login details.

Empty The Navigation System: This system can tell many things about your daily travel activities. Leaving these details with a new buyer can be problematic. Make sure that you delete all addresses, maps, and other information from the navigation system of your car.

Don’t Leave Any Removable Media storage: If your car has any kind of media storage devices like a CD or an SD card, make sure you don’t leave them in the car. If it has a built-in storage device like a hard-disk, remove all the data or files.

Look for A Factory Reset Feature: This is the best way to simplify complicated tasks. Take the user manual and search for a factory reset feature to wipe all the data and settings stored with the vehicle.

Know all connectivity features of your car and double-check those options to ensure complete safety.

Being informed with all such information is important to avoid any unwanted scam in the future. When you are done with the cleaning of data, your next step is to contact Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars and ask for the best deal for your vehicle. We buy cars directly from sellers in Melbourne and give them cash for cars instantly. Contact us – (03) 9067 7578 to know more about our offers to you.


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