Thinking about selling your junk car and earning top dollar for junk cars but not sure where to start?

Junking a car in Melbourne can be time-consuming and difficult. Not to mention it is almost impossible to get top dollar for junk cars in junkyards nearby. But if you want to get top dollar for junk cars without putting in much effort then make sure you do these things before selling your junk car.



You might think that it is the most basic thing to have and probably everyone has it. But you will be surprised to know that not everyone has the title of their car and other essential documents. All reputable scrap car buyers pay cash for junk cars that have proof of ownership. Hence it is essential to have the title of the junk car on hand or any other documents to serve as proof of ownership. This ensures that the vehicle is owned by you and is not stolen.

In case you do not have your car’s title, or you lost it, you can obtain one by going through the respective local and state channels.


You must evaluate your car’s actual worth before selling your junk car to any scrap car buyer and getting cash for junk cars. You can find out the value of your junk car with the help of an estimator formula. All reputable buyers offer cash for junk cars based on the minimum value. Hence it would be helpful if you calculate the minimum value beforehand to get an idea about what to expect.

To find out the minimum value of the junk car, you need to multiply the weight of the car in tons with the price of scrap metal per ton. This will give you the minimum value of the car.


The junk car prices depend on the weight of the junk car. The heavier the junk cars are, the higher the cash for junk cars will be. This is because most of the junk cars are in the worst conditions and are scrapped and recycled to manufacture new products. A car mainly comprises steel and aluminum. Hence, you must be aware of the prices of steel and aluminum. Whenever the prices of steel and aluminum are high then you can sell your junk car and get top dollar for junk cars.


You need to do some market research to get the highest cash for junk cars. You can get started by calling few scrap car buyers and getting a price quote from them. You can also get a price quote online from several scrap car buyers that pay cash for junk cars. Check with local junkyards and compare the price quotes offered by them. You do not necessarily have to accept their offer unless you are satisfied.

Instead of going through the trouble of asking around to get price quotes for junk car, you can get top dollar for junk cars by calling us at (03) 9067 7578.


There are several types of scrap car buyers along with their own set of terms and conditions. Before you sell your junk car to a scrap car buyer enquire them about their terms and conditions. Some may offer a higher price you drive the car to their place. While some scrap car buyers like Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars offer free towing services along with top dollar cash for junk cars. You must learn about the terms and conditions of the services and then proceed with the sale of junk car for cash.



You will be surprised to know that there are junk car buyers who pay top dollar for junk cars, tow the junk car for free, and pay cash for junk cars on the spot. But finding such a scrap car buyer that genuinely offers all the above services and pays top dollar for junk car can be hard. Moreover, only a few cash for junk car services recycle the junk cars they buy. You must sell your junk car to a scrap car buyer who is eco-friendly, offers exceptional services, provides a top dollar for junk cars, and pays cash on the spot!

All the above tips shall help you in getting rid of your junk car in the most profitable way. If you want to get top dollar for junk cars without doing much, then you can simply call us at (03) 9067 7578 or get a free quote here.


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