As soon as your new car arrives at the dealership, it begins losing value. Selling your car becomes a daunting process that requires the investment of time and efforts. You can make this process easier by leaving this tedious task in the hands of VIP Cash For Cars – a car dealership near you in Melbourne – that buys used cars directly from the owners and provides on the spot offers.

CAR REPAIRS v. CAR REPLACEMENT – Do you really get your money’s worth when repairs and maintenance come calling?  Your vehicle reaches diminishing returns at some point and the more money you pour in, the less you get in return.  When your annual spend for repairs & maintenance exceeds 60% of the value of the vehicle, it’s time to sell.

CAR DEPRECIATION – We all know that a car is a depreciating asset.  Some consider the worse investment you will make unless you keep it 10+ years.  Some say that’s questionable. The first couple of years of owning a new car is when depreciation is accelerated since rental cars and lease returns hit the market.   Additionally, once the manufacturer warranty is over, around 60,000 miles, is when issues and repairs begin, the vehicle is worthless.  At 90,000 miles, timing belts and major maintenance repairs occur leaving you with a significant drop in value.  Experts use the powertrain (engine & transmission) warranty limit to get maximum value when selling your car. We say, just before the manufacturer warranty ends is the best time to sell, giving you bargaining power and the most value for your vehicle, because the new owner has security if major repairs occur.


NO LONGER USEFUL – With the passage of time, your life may change. Transfer from one city to another, marriage, or kids on the way, can dramatically alter your vehicle choice. Sometimes it no longer fits your lifestyle, and you think it’s time to sell, therefore you purchase a new car and keep the old one in the garage to sell at a later date. Unfortunately, depreciation continues plus additional cost for insurance and perhaps storage. It’s time to sell.


WHEN YOU WANT TO BUY A NEW CAR – Perhaps you want a brand-new car. Most recommend selling your used car v. trading-in.  The money you receive can be used as down payment, investment or a trip you’ve been waiting to take. The worst thing to do is keep your car and not use it. Not only are you paying for insurance and possibly money to garage it, but also cars are made to run and when they sit, they ubiquitously get “LOT ROT – deteriorate from non-use.  Corrosion. Dry Seals & Gaskets. Oxidation.

When it comes to selling your used car, keep in mind that the market fluctuates up and down based on a variety of factors. The condition of a used car is paramount along with miles in determining the value. Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars – a reliable used car dealerships – will help you avoid the hiccups related to the process of selling your car. You only need to provide us with the title and registration and ID.  That’s it!

For many, we procrastinate!  I need to sell my car, but I don’t want to go through the hassles of meeting people, contacting dealers, or worry about the car depreciating while I’m not using it.  Ugh.  This is where we come in.  Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars is a proven way to sell your car.  We make the process easy by dealing with one person, quickly and efficiently.  We don’t sell cars on consignment, instead we directly buy from you and provide you a fair offer and pay you on the spot. One need not wait days to receive compensation for a car you sold last week. We do everything in about 15-minutes.   So, why delay?  If you are planning to sell your car, look no further than VIP Cash For Cars. Contact us to book an appointment for car appraisal.


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