Why spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on maintaining your old SUV? When you could get thousands in return for selling it. Why do we do it? It’s not for safety, and certainly not for mileage. But I guess some of us believe in an old phrase, “bigger is better.” I say, more care more money, as in more money you need to put into maintaining it. Certain SUVs require regular monthly repairs and tens of thousands of dollars in investments. Now’s your chance to say goodbye to that money pit and have it sold and picked up in less than 24 hours. Not convinced you need to give up on your SUV? Here are the issues and expenses that come with driving a used SUV:


The Problems with Used SUVs

I know what some of you may be thinking; “well, certainly a luxury SUV won’t have any repair issues.” Wrong. Many luxury SUV models suffer from engine failure and transmission problems. The BMW X5 not only has issues with its engine and transmission but has constant engine oil leaks, causing water to leak into the vehicle. Also, due to the X5’s build, it has very low stability and high probability of flipping over. Never knew a luxury vehicle could be a death trap? As for the Cadillac Escalade, on top of early transmission failures, it also breaks down often, has heating and air conditioning issues costing around $2,000, electronic display malfunctions, and complications with the 4-wheel drive models. My question to those with an Escalade, is showing off worth only getting 11 miles to the gallon? Furthermore, there is no guarantee that because your SUV is luxury, it’s reliable.


What about brands known for making reliable SUVs? They don’t last for long either. Take Jeep, they don’t exactly make sedans. You would think as an SUV-only car brand they’d put effort into making the best SUVs on the market. But even Jeeps have the same transmission and engine failures as other SUVs. In addition to that, some models such as the Renegade even suffer from electrical issues and manufacturing problems. And what’s worse, the Renegade lacks the features that make Jeeps, Jeeps. Unlike most Jeeps, the Renegade cannot be driven off-road and has no power behind it. And unlike most SUVs, it’s surprisingly lacking in space. Reports of engines seizing up come from many SUVs as well.


Engine blows can be extremely dangerous in all cases. Engine seizures happen to even home brands like Chevy. The Chevy Traverse not only has engine seizures and failures, transmission issues, and electronic errors, but 4-wheel drive issues as well that could cost thousands of dollars in repairs. If you’re one of the very few people who own a Pontiac Aztec, you know very well of engine seizures. Odds are you’ve blown a gasket and seized up your engine a few times. The Aztec is also known for its transmission going out and engine oil leaks that cause water to flood the inside. Again, used SUVs are another way of saying death traps. Don’t risk your life holding on to “brag-worthy” SUV when you can sell it easily and invest in a smart and safe vehicle.


How to Sell Your Used SUV?

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