William Ricketts Sanctuary

The William Ricketts Sanctuary at the Dandenong Ranges is an wonderful setting where you are able to unwind and enjoy a range of activities. This tranquil refuge is placed adjacent to the forest-clad mountains of Mount Dandenong and around the outskirts of Melbourne.

In this lush atmosphere, you will stumble upon many of amazing clay sculptures of Aboriginal people; such as 92 big sculptures and lots of little clay sculptures. The breathtakingly lovely clay sculptures not just signify Rickett’s eyesight but also showcase his admiration for the civilization. These visionary sculptures also encourage visitors to comprehend the significance and purpose of his job.

All these 92 clay sculptures represent the gist of the Aboriginal culture, spirituality and lifestyle. You’ll also discover some sculptures of wildlife too.

William Ricketts Sanctuary

Named after the famed artist William Ricketts, this gorgeous refuge is a worthy location for a weekend getaway or day trip. There’s not any entrance fee for the refuge and all are welcome for this tranquil area of reflection and silent contemplation. Come and learn more about the sanctuary to comprehend the artist’s eyesight concerning the Hindu culture in the intellectual, historic and societal perspective.

Situated in a magical ferny glade region of the Dandenong Ranges, William Ricketts Sanctuary is a calm setting showcasing tranquillity and beauty of character. This natural environment welcomes people from all over Australia and overseas.

A place for reflection and contemplation, the park features near 100 sculptures demonstrating the manner in that’all life is one.’ William spent 60 years residing and working on his’Forest of Love’, and now, the refuge demonstrates that the gaze he had together with all the Aboriginal people and their civilization.

William Ricketts was a naturalist, environmentalist and sculptor who committed a lot of his life exploring the relationship which Aboriginal individuals have with the natural universe. Born in Richmond, Victoria in 1898, William Ricketts, or Bill as he chose to be known as, worked as an apprentice jeweller and violinist for theatre orchestras, before settling Mt Dandenong at 1934.

Between 1949 and 1960, Bill often visited Central Australia, residing together with all the Pitjantjatjara and Arrernte Aboriginal communities. It had been their customs and the ways that they admired Mother Nature and all her creations that prompted Bill to embrace their philosophies and, subsequently, make a sanctuary of artwork.

Back in 1964, the William Ricketts Sanctuary opened to the general public, and after this decade, the Victorian Government purchased the refuge, vowing to protect the sculptures and surrounding landscape. Bill died in 1993 at age 94.

Scattered through the mountain ash trees and tree ferns are 92 ceramic figurines depicting Native people and their relationship with Mother Nature. William Ricketts’ function is closely integrated with natural stone formations and tree trunks as a reminder of the relationship people have with the ground. Another matter touched upon is that the catastrophic effect that European settlement needed on the organic Australian landscape. Additionally, there are numerous smaller sculptures hidden in the nooks of stones, and in the foot of these sculptures are concentric circles representing the start of all life.

Bill modelled every sculpture after the likeness of a true individual, and one of his most prominent works are the Atirantuka Winged Figure along with the depiction of his own religious self along with a lyrebird totem.

Harmoniously positioned across the refuge are all archways, grottos and flows, all which deepen the feeling of tranquility.

Upon starting the 500-metre travel, people will see a Inspiration Plaque that reads:’In all this refuge there’s 1 motif just expressing reverence for life in the new world surroundings.’ This is actually the first of several handmade plaques along the road, all which comprise an observance produced by Bill.

Do not miss an opportunity to have a look at this exceptional attraction whilst seeing the Dandenong Ranges. So plan a trip to this gorgeous refuge and revel in drifting through the tranquil grounds. The primary track is wheelchair and stroller friendly with just a few spots with a moderate grade. It’s approximately 500 metres in length, making walking through this refuge a serene and relaxing way to spend a morning or day.

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