Sometimes, you just know that selling your car privately isn’t an option. The only realistic option is to sell to a junkyard. However, you can’t just sell to any in your area. It’s still important to get the best price for your piece of metal. When looking for junk car removal, here are three tips to help get the most.

Know the Value of Your Vehicle

Your first thought maybe “I want to sell my car quickly and easily.” It’s common, especially if you have a new car on its way or you want the money to go towards a new car. However, to get the most out of your junk car removal, you need to know the value.

In its current state, it may not be worth very much. However, for a little work, you could add on hundreds of dollars to the value. Cars that are roadworthy and running are worth more than cars that need towing.

Contact All Junkyards

This is the part that takes time. You could end up being on the phone for hours, since there are still no comparison sites for this. Some companies do have websites where you can input details, but it is worth building a rapport with the business. They can find out more about your vehicle and quote a closer price for it sooner.

Consider junkyards just outside your local area. While it may be a further drive, the amount you get for your vehicle may just be worth it.

Consider Selling for Parts

If you really want to make the most from your dead car, it’s worth considering selling for parts. You can end up making more overall by selling individual parts, but you will need to make sure they all work.

The downside to this is that it takes time. You could have a vehicle for months until all the parts are sold. You will still need junk car removal when it comes to the framework of it in the end.

Consider all your options when selling your car to junkyards. Find the best price by the three tips above.


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