If you are thinking of selling your car, here’s good news for you!

Over the past few years, the market for second-hand cars has grown rapidly. According to experts, the automotive market has gained a growing preference for used cars among buyers. The market today is more organized and makes it easy for someone to sell a car in a day.

Before you announce the sale of your car, follow these maintenance tips.

How to Get the Best Price for Your Car?

If you want to find the best deal for selling your car at lucrative prices, here are a few significant maintenance tips that you should follow sincerely:

  • Regular oil changes with a sufficient amount of oil in the engine ensures prospects that you properly cared for your vehicle.  Having past maintenance records further enforces they are getting a great car.  Oil change receipts and maintenance logs help justify your price.  Without regularly oil changes your car’s engine will form sludge (dirty oil that takes on large amounts of carbon that becomes viscous), which becomes ineffective in preventing engine wear leading to a shortened life.
  • Lack of air pressure can impact the performance of tires. It not only changes the appearance but also accelerates cracked edges making them look old. And less effective while driving. Make sure you maintain the pressure appropriately in all tires using the manufacture recommended tire pressure listed on every driver’s door jamb. Maintaining proper tire pressure promotes best gas mileage.
  • Dirty air entering your car’s engine can have negative effects on performance and longevity. The air filter prevents dust, dirt, and particles from entering the engine. A loose air-filter through dust build-up can disturb the engine. It should be changed every 12 months or 12,000 miles Proper cleaning of the air filter after an interval is also an important step to take. Do it regularly.
  • Make sure that the interior of the car is not messy. Some people find it too difficult to buy a car which is not maintained by its previous owners. The good interior of a car acts as an enticement for buyers and demonstrates that you’ve maintained the mechanical parts of your vehicle.
  • Also consider maintaining such items as the headlights, horn, wipers, seats, brakes, cooling systems, spark plug, battery, and the music system all function properly.
  • If you’re ready to sell your car, keep it clean and even go so far as to get it professional detailed inside and out.  Having a polished clean car is eye-catching for prospects and will fetch more money.


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