Are you planning to replace your old car with a new one? Do you want to sell it by yourself and don’t want to get trapped in any hassle?

If yes, you must read the blog post which talks about escaping car selling scams. Selling your car is not at all easy when you have scammers to fool.

Fraud is a concern for every seller. Even an experienced seller may find it difficult to identify complex frauds. Paying attention to the below mentioned scams may help you to escape such frauds while selling your car. Whether you choose an individual or a car dealer in Melbourne, these tips can help you enormously.

Checkout Buyer’s Profile:

Your sale is hassle-free when the buyer is authentic, potential, and reasonable. You can have a long list of car buyers in Melbourne but choosing a reliable buyer is the most important step in a stress-free car selling process. A fake buyer will try to mislead you by giving you false or doubtful information, so be careful. If the buyer is reluctant to share genuine details, don’t go for it. If you are selling your car to a used car dealer, check the company’s profile, contact information, physical office, offered payment methods, online presence, reviews from previous buyers, and info on whereabouts.

Don’t Be Keen To Sell It Fast:

It doesn’t mean that you need to be reluctant. All you need to do is to have patience, be practical, take time to authenticate, look for transparency, and follow your intuition. A genuine buyer like Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars always follows transparent methods to buy a car legally. For instance, you will have to schedule an appointment with a car expert of VIP Cash For Cars for your car’s evaluation. Their car professional will evaluate your car in 15 minutes and then provide you their ‘buy price’. When you accept their offer, they pay you instantly. So it is a safe and better option to go with car dealerships.

Do not handover the car for a test drive to a stranger or someone you don’t know personally? Or take his license’s Xerox and vehicle’s key to prevent any fraud. However, a car dealer is better over an individual for selling your car hassle-free.

Know The Way To Get Paid Safely:

Apart from authenticity or identity, next thing you should seriously pay attention to is the payment method. Nearly all scams revolve around the payments. Fraud entities, fake individuals, or fraudulent buyers may provide you a cheque that looks exactly like a legal bank’s. They play a tricky game by offering a higher price in order to make the offer more tempting to the seller. In that case, you can ask the buyer to come to a bank with you in order to confirm the legitimacy and availability of funds.

‘VIP Cash For Cars’ is a reliable car dealer in Melbourne which maintains transparency in the entire process. As a trustworthy and authorized car dealership company in Melbourne, we make it much easier, safer, and faster to sell your car, just in 15 minutes.

Avoid Buyers With False Statements:

A fake buyer or dealer will convince you to leave the vehicle and receive payment after some time. Also, it may create false stories with an intention to deceive you. Avoid all kinds of requests, emotions, and excuses made by the buying party and focus on the legal way of selling.

By following all of these important points, you can find out a legitimate party to sell your car safely.


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