Selling a car is a mind-numbing process. There are several steps involved with selling a used car. From cleaning, taking photos, to listing your car on a classified forum. Can you sell it for the listed price?  Then, the waiting game…   Do you know the proper paperwork needed to sell a car?  There are many involved steps needed to sell a car, that to some, is a big hassle.

Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars is here to answer your questions and assist in buying your car – “Where can I sell my car hassle-free.” We will make this daunting task easier for you. We provide on the spot offers after evaluating your car.  If you sell your car to us, you need not worry about paperwork hassles or other problems that may arise.

Just a few things to look out for when selling your car…

NEGOTIATION – This is the most stressful proposition when selling a car.  You want to get the most money for your car, yet you don’t’ want to scare off a perspective buyer.  It’s a delicate process.  Some simple cannot do.  No two used cars are alike, which makes each car unique.  Can you express why someone should buy your car over the next?  Can you overcome objections about miles, wear-and-tear or market values?   Calling VIP Cash For Cars relieves you of this process.

TEST DRIVING – Do you feel comfortable taking a complete stranger for a test drive?  What if it is in the evening and you feel intimidated?  How do you know they have automobile insurance?  Our process is simple and proven.  We are well known so you should never feel intimidated or afraid.

PAPERWORK – Do you know which documents are needed to complete a car sale?  With VIP Cash For Cars, no time-consuming paperwork or trust issues.  We do all necessary paperwork to transfer ownership.  All you need for us, is Title, Registration and ID.

PAYMENT – If you sell your car, do you accept checks?  Cash?  Cashier’s checks? Transfers?  Do you go to the bank with a perspective buyer?  When do you hand over your car?  Another stressful part of the process is to identify a scam. Cashier’s checks and personal checks are cancellable. Be aware!

For many who rather forego the aforementioned hassles, try Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars to step in and take care of business. VIP Cash For Cars is a proven answer to the questions “Where can I sell my car” hassle-free.  We make the process easy, and you only have to deal with one car professional.  Get everything done efficiently in 15-minutes.


If you are in Camberwell, Victoria 3124, and looking to sell your car, below is the best way to visit us.

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