So I want to sell my car but to whom and for how much?   How to I start the process?  A rather straightforward question, why is it so difficult?  It’s a daunting task to select a suitable option when it comes time to sell your car.  Sell it private party?  Sell it to the local car dealer?  Word of mouth strategy?  Trade-in for a new car?  Or find a car buying business who specializes in buying used cars.  All the options mentioned have advantages and disadvantages but based on how quickly and painless you’d like to sell your car will help determine which option.


Your best option is to sell your car Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars.  Why?  Because it’s straightforward and painless with great results.  We take the headache out of worrying if you’re getting a good deal. And getting paid without any hassles. And most importantly, am I dealing with professionals who won’t swindle me or take advantage.


So, who is Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars?  We’ve been around since 2010 buying cars in Melbourne and the surrounding cities.  We buy most any car that moves.  We give advice when needed and offer the best value for your car.  A few adjectives to describe us – Trusted. Reliable. Honest. Easy.


We not only offer great value, but we’re quick and pay you on the spot.  15-minute evaluation of your vehicle can strike a deal and have money in your pocket, and no longer own your vehicle.  We complete the DMV paperwork on your behalf, so you walk away with the peace of mind knowing you are liability free.

-No test-drives with strangers

-No unnecessary fess to sell your car

-No waiting to be paid because of consignment (someone sells it on your behalf) sale.

-No worries about liability

-No need to contact DMV

-No difficulties with loans or leases


Don’t take our word, read Google Reviews to see what others say.


So, what are you waiting for…call us today!

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If you are in Rowville, Victoria 3178, and looking to sell your car, below is the best way to visit us.

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