Remember eight or nine years ago when you purchased the apple of your eye, a brand new fully loaded American made pick-up truck? It was your prized possession and it took you everywhere you needed and wanted to go in style. The weekends were especially memorable as you delivered lumber from the hardware store to your front door with ease for that tough patio deck building project. Your truck had all the latest options including; 4-wheel drive, leather interior, power seats, heated seats, chrome roll-over bar, a power rear window and power sunroof to boot!


Taking this beauty on a road trip was especially fun. Driving through miles of highways, rough roads and especially where there were no roads – you simply made one. This was the best way of course to get the perfect fishing or hunting spot. The holidays seemed extra cheery too because you had a dependable new truck that could handle almost any road or weather conditions.

Sell A Truck Running or Not

But now, with over 120,000 miles, your pickup truck may not be as lustrous as it once was. The paint may be a bit dull, from all those hot summer days at the lake or beach. She may not be as reliable or, might be needing some major repairs. Your truck may need a new a/c compressor or, a new timing chain/ belt to keep her running smoothly. Some of the buttons on the control panel may be missing or broken. It may be time again for a new set of all-season off-road tires. Replacing major mechanical components may be the issue now, including an alternator or a starter, because the engine is not turning as swiftly as it used to during cold mornings.


Recently, you may have taken a trip down to your local truck dealership to take a couple of test drives on the latest and greatest new pick-up trucks. You could also be in the market to downsize what you drive to a vehicle with greater fuel economy or one to fit more of your recent additions to your family, like an SUV. You may be saying to yourself, “It’s time to sell my truck and upgrade to a new truck or car.”

Sell My Truck Fast

When you are ready to sell your used truck, don’t go with the old-fashion methods: dealerships, online listings/ directories or selling apps. If you want to sell your truck easy and fast, you will want to contact the truck buying experts who have been buying trucks in Australia for over years. With over nearly 150 locations, Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars will give you the best cash offer possible with our secure, easy and quick truck selling process in the following three (3) easy and fast steps:


Step 1: Submit your vehicle details via our Online Form or call us to get your instant, no-obligation quote.


Step 2: Accept our cash offer and schedule a time that is convenient for you to have us deliver your cash offer and pick up your truck.


Step 3: Meet one of our friendly tow truck drivers that will deliver your payment when we pick up your truck, keys, and title. We will take care of the details.


Why would you want to mess with the details or spend $100 to get your old truck detailed? Would you not rather have the cash from selling your old pick-up truck to use as a down payment for a new vehicle? We make selling your used truck easy, secure and fast. Call Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars at (03) 9067 7578 and get your cash offer delivered to you with 24 hours!


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