If you are hoping to sell your car, this blog-post is for you!

We know that selling your first car is difficult because of the emotional attachment you have. Beyond this sentiment, you would want to sell your car safely without getting trapped in a scam or loss. For this, you can look for some safety measurements to make an informed decision. The first thing that comes to your mind is whether to go with a private buyer or a dealership company. Right? Here, the information will help you to get a clear picture of the pros and cons of selling a car to a dealer vs private buyer.


Value of the Vehicle: You cannot get better value with a private buyer. The person will somehow manage to convince you to lower your demands. Since online dealership companies have numerous customers to serve, they offer the best deals that can give you good value for your old car. These companies have certain consumer standards to determine the cost regardless of its depreciation value or anything else.


Inspection Process: You may not want to answer a string of questions thrown from a prospect. In the case of the private selling process, you are sure to encounter this problem. Private buyers may ask all trivial things that do not belong to the selling process. With experienced dealership companies like Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars, you don’t need to answer anything. You can call their car expert and book a visit. The supervisor will inspect the condition of the car and ask for the title, service records, registration, and insurance papers to give you a precise value of the car. No questions asked! The price offered that will be offered to you will be the most competitive value for your vehicle.


Safe Buying Process: Selling your car to a dealer is simple and safe. A dealer handles all the paperwork from its end; you don’t have to take any hassles. The two things you have to take care of are the price and signing the paper only. The company gives you great peace of mind and convenience. However, the car selling process with a private buyer features several safety risks. So, it’s beneficial to choose the best used car dealers in Melbourne and to get assured of a safe car selling process.


Hassle-Free Process: A private buyer does not have any rules to follow. Also, it is a fly-by-night person to mislay your car. You cannot expect to receive the payment in one-shot. Plus, you cannot rely on his bank records if he may offer you a scam check. Your test drive to the person may turn into a theft case too. On the other hand, when you choose a reliable dealership like Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars, you are guaranteed to get paid within 15 minutes and that too in cash. Yes, you read that right! Reliable dealers offer you a hassle-free selling process with the best value for an old car.

You may now have a clear opinion. Choose Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars to sell your car today!


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